Applying to join Swiss Life Asset Managers is an exciting step on your career journey – and we’re here to help. Wondering how to craft a stand-out application? And want to know what happens once you’ve pressed ‘Submit’? Our insights into the Swiss Life Asset Managers application process reveal all.

We appreciate your interest in joining our team. To give your application the best chance of success, please follow the steps outlined below: 

Our application process

1. Get your documents ready 

Make sure you’ve got your CV, reference letter and other documentation to hand before you start your application. If anything’s missing, we might ask you for it during the application process – so make sure you’ve got everything we’d need.  Think about your desired start date, salary expectations and reason for applying to Swiss Life Asset Managers. A cover letter is optional – but a short, snappy letter reflecting your passion for the role can help you stand out. 


2. Use your network to gain insights 

Connections can be a real asset during your job search. Try to leverage your network to learn about Swiss Life Asset Managers as an employer. Check if you know someone at the company who can provide first-hand information or even offer a recommendation: this personal touch can significantly enhance your application. 

3. Submit your application with care 

Once you’ve prepared your documents and tapped into your network, click the ‘Apply’ button and upload your documents. If you’ve been recommended by one of our employees, you’ll receive a separate link. The application tool contains a questionnaire covering your preferred start date, desired working hours, salary expectations and motivation for joining Swiss Life Asset Managers. Be truthful: this information is crucially important. Carefully review all your answers before hitting the ‘Submit’ button. Once your details have been approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email – marking the next step in your journey towards joining our team. 


4. Receive our feedback 

Once we’ve reviewed your documents in depth, we’ll contact you to provide feedback and guide you through the next steps. Typically, the response time ranges from two to three weeks. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll be emailed with an update on your status in our selection process. 

5. Get to know each other at interview 

If you’re successful, you’ll move to the next stage: our two- or three-round interview process. The initial round may be conducted either in person at our premises or virtually via Teams. You’ll be able to meet the hiring manager, tell us about yourself and have a chat about the role. Subsequent rounds may involve case study assessments and meetings with other managers, stakeholders and peers. These interactions explore how well you’d fit with our company, allowing you to showcase your skills and the contribution you could make. Additionally, discussions with our HR team will cover aspects such as compensation, benefits, start date and work schedule. 


6. Take the next step: join us or keep in touch 

If you meet our expectations  – and vice versa – we may make you an offer and express our enthusiasm in welcoming you to our team. If you’re not an ideal fit for the current role, we may ask if we can include you in one of our candidate pools for potential future opportunities (this is optional). 

Embracing inclusive recruitment practices

At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we are committed to inclusive recruitment practices. The application process evaluates candidates based on an objective criteria framework: this aims to reduce biases and eliminate unnecessary noise. In turn, this ensures a fair and equitable assessment, promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

If you have any enquiries or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated HR team. Thank you for considering Swiss Life Asset Managers as the next stop on your professional journey. 


Want to apply to Swiss Life Asset Managers? Find all the important questions and answers about our application process here. 

Technical questions

Check the file size of each document (max. 5 MB).

Max. 5 MB per document.

Please only upload files in PDF format. Do note that we cannot accept Word documents.

Let your local contact know: we’ll add the documents for you.

If your application is rejected, your data will be deleted 6 months later. More information about data protection can be found on the following page: Data Privacy – Swiss Life Group.

To withdraw your application, you can either delete your profile via the Candidate Home or get in touch with your local HR contact to request this.

Job search

Get in touch with your local HR contact to see if there is scope to make a speculative application.

My application

Please have your CV, qualification documentation and professional references ready. A cover letter is optional. Think about your earliest possible start date, salary expectations, preferred working hours and whether you have the necessary work permit.

The whole process takes around 15 minutes.

By drawing attention to your strengths and how they relate to the vacancy – without simply parroting the content of your CV.

We value your effort and interest in our company. We’ll contact you to provide feedback and guide you through the next steps. Typically, our response time ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. Regardless of the outcome, you will receive an email informing you of your application status.

Normally, the Swiss Life Asset Managers application process takes around two months.

You can check the status of your application 24/7 on your Candidate Home. If anything’s unclear, get in touch with your local HR contact.

Please note that we can only consider applications made via our online job portal. Applications submitted by email or post will not be considered.

Find out about the role and our organisation. Taking the Swiss Life Asset Managers quiz can help with this.

Unsolicited submissions will not be accepted. Agencies require their own access to be able to submit applications. If you want to upload candidates for our vacancies, please reach out to your local HR contact.

Contact us

Want to learn more about your options for joining Swiss Life Asset Managers? Our Talent Acquisition team is here to help. 


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